Symprove is a unique, water-based formulation containing live and active bacteria which helps support digestive health and replenishes the gut with friendly bacteria. Symprove came to The Minimart looking for a complete rebrand. Their current look and feel at the time was very dated and they felt they were not being taken seriously within their industry. We started by looking at their overall brand image and establishing what their brand values were. We created everything, from rebranding their packaging, to creating a responsive website that works across all platforms. Print work was also done in forms of pharmacy posters, leaflets and a brand guidelines booklet. As well as this we created an iOS app which tracks users across the 12 week Symprove challenge. 

My role within this project was to assist on the design of a variety of print and packaging concepts, along with design of the digital website and application, where the development was done inhouse.

Design & Art Direction: Christian Kolojeski
Design: Sean Watson
Barry Haymen: Copywriting

Completed: 2014

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