The brief set by Paul was to create a fragrance which was influenced by Paul’s life and his passions. My idea was based around Paul’s love of cycling and sport. The bottle design was influenced by the shape of bicycle handles and pedals, and would be made using the same materials. The solution was a fragrance bottle shaped to look like a racing handle bar with the feel of carbon fibre and steel. I used Cinema 4D to create the bottle and made something really unique I couldn’t achieve from 2D designs. The 3D ergonomics created something that holds extremely well in the hand. From Cinema 4D I was able to 3D print the design and get a realistic feel of the fragrance. 

I came first in the annual Paul Smith project he holds for students. I spent a few weeks working for Paul Smith, understanding how print production works for fashion and designing some patterns for garments. 

Design, Creative Direction & Art Direction: Sean Watson
Completed: 2013 

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"The Champion by Sean Watson is amazing, really really great and the title is great. The way the bottle feels in your hands is absolutely superb. This is a really commercial bottle. This would be a bottle that any big company could create, market and sell through lots and lots of outlets. It could be promoted as a sports fragrance. It almost has a feel of a trophy, especially when made in silver."