The Harley Medical Group (THMG) provides cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and non surgical procedures in the UK. THMG came to The Minimart with a brief to create advertising which establishes THMG as a true leader in its field and to stay top of mind for those considering a cosmetic procedure. We created a digital and print campaign which focuses on customer care and satisfaction. They wanted the adverts to be ‘different’ than the ones currently in the industry, which are mostly models posing on white backgrounds. The campaign is called ‘Founded on Care’ putting emphasis on the care THMG provides.

The campaign includes a series of print ads in leading magazines for women, along with a collection of banner adverts for Conde Nast and their own website. My role within this process was design and art direct all digital advertising banners, along with designer and art working print media.

Design & Art Direction: Christian Kolojeski
Design: Sean Watson
Copywriting: Baz Hayman
Completed: 2014

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Harley spreads 1Harley spreads 1
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